Enter virtual reality to listen to the debut EP “Together” of synthwave producer Sheaf. No gameplay involved -- just sit back, relax, and enjoy the music while you drive through a retro low poly world. Nostalgic fans of the 80's will not be disappointed with some smooth DX7 chords, melancholic synth lines and pulsating bass lines.

The EP features 3 tracks, and each track comes with its own scenery, tailor made to fit its mood. You can start each track separately from the main menu.

1. “Together” (duration 3m20)

The title track of the EP takes you on a morning drive from a forest through the desert, passing by a city before finally ending up at the sunny coast.

2. “Innervisions” (duration 3m00)

The second track takes you on a drive through the city on a rainy night. Stare at the lonely lights of the city through the rainy window of your car.

3. “Point Break” (duration 2m00)

The final track takes you on a sunset drive by the coast. Watch the glittering on the water from the reflected sun while you enjoy the warm colors of the sunset.